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Tommy's Studio was created by the collaboration between Tommy Bianchi and Francesco Rubenni (acoustic engineer, CEO of Rossofiorentino Speakers). This Studio is a “temple” of professional post-production of sound, in all its applications related to music.
The Studio is an environment where coexist in perfect harmony two fundamental processes in a musical work flow: the mixing and mastering. We strongly supported the creation of a control room, which allows the perfect working of both processes, without technical and logistical compromises.

The studio is a place where you can listen to music and living an extraordinary auditory experience, thanks to the choice of an high quality monitoring system and implementation of an appropriate acoustic design, designed by Francesco Rubenni, our acoustic consultant and project manager of Rosso Fiorentino (high-end speakers). Spatiality, depth, stereo image, position of the instruments into the stereo image, sound levels, crystallinity, purity, detail, colors, shades, are a marked feature of how we listen to music at the White Sound Mastering Studio.

Our studio is designed to offer state of the art mastering services, delivered with the highest quality and technical preparation that  position us on the same top level as renowned international studios. We have set up a unique mastering environment equipped with an high-end speakers system allowing all kind of audio signal processing through the usage of top class analogue outboards. We have a wide mastering experience, we work with artists from different musical backgrounds: pop, rock, jazz, electronic as well as house, techno, dubstep and hip-hop.

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