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Tiptop Audio Records first release is out!


Tiptop Audio Records first release is out!

Mastered by Tommy Bianchi @ WHITE SOUND MASTERING STUDIO

In late 2009, Gur Milstein started building unique musical instruments in his Hollywood California lab. As the market for his creations got larger and hotter other like minded people, who are equally unconventional in their thinking about audio, joined him. Fast forward six years, and today some of the world’s finest electronic musicians synthesize their sounds and form their creations with Tiptop Audio instruments.

Tiptop Audio Records is all about the love of the synthesizer. It is the brainchild

of the designers who celebrate these tracks made by artists bold enough to master this new technology.

This integration between the Tiptop Synthesizer machine and man highlights the symbiotic relationship between technology wizards and the best of electronic music composers.

Fire up the PA, drop the needle on the record and push the faders up: this party is about a journey on a sea of sound waves!

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