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Produced,mixed and mastered by Tommy Bianchi and Niccolo' Caldini @ White Sound Mastering.

Celluloid Jam project was born in Florence in December 2012, including Caterina Vannucci (Voc, percussions) and Jerro Sabaii (Synth and samplers). Their work is based on a melting pot of different backrounds, like freak electronic music and electro-beat. CJ co-operate with visual artist David Hartono, who manages to build a dreamy-pop atmosphere, creating a new performance every time. His work is also inspired by CJ’s selection of artworks on Tumblr.

"Revoking the last decade, with its mixture of dream pop and airy electronics, Celluloid Jam struck for the care behind their composition. Every sound is there for a reason, nothing is left to chance. It’s interesting to notice how, at every listen a new layer seems to disclose to your ears. However the songs don’t sound over produced nor they are chocked by an excess of skill displaying frenzy, they’re just good." (FigureHead Blog, 2013)

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