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Send your files for On Line Mastering using the WeTransfer sharing service at this email:

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Mix files must obligatorily have the following requirements in order to be mastered:


Frequency Sample Rate: 44.1 Khz, 48 Khz, 88.2 Khz, 96 Khz

Bit Resolution: 24/32 Bit

Headroom (peak): from -6 dB to -2 dB of maximum peak value below the 0 dB

Limiter: No digital limiter on mix buss

RMS,LUFs (loudness): max -14 dBFS of RMS/LUFs value


If the files do not respect these requirements, the work will be refused.


Mastered files will be optimized also for the main streaming platforms which use compressed audio formats as iTunes, YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud  (versions will be 3/4 db LUFs quieter than standard masters, avoiding ISP’s, intersample peaks and conversion distortion with a loudness between -12/-10 LUFs).

Optimized mastering for

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