Videochat interview on MUSICOFF

Scoprite la strada che ho percorso durante la mia carriera,  andando a toccare tante delle questioni che molti sound engineer hanno a cuore:

🔸 formazione professionale e percorsi

🔹 la professione dell’ingegnere del suono da studio, aspetti e considerazioni

🔸 valutazione dei costi da sostenere 

E tanto altro!

MixMaster.Pro Mastering Setup Tutorial

🔸 Il mio setup analogico e signal flow

 #PILLOLEdiAUDIO - Angel's wings studio

Live Chat with Monica e Nico, in questo video:

🔸 Vi mostrerò la mia consolle 

🔹 Risponderò ad alcune domande degli ascoltatori 

🔸 Mostrerò i maggiori sound engineers del mastering

ERIN A.I..png
Acustica Audio ERIN
A.I. Collaboration with ACUSTICA AUDIO
In ERIN Stereo Equalizer plugin you can find my deep learning A.I. preset.

This bundle, consisting of three different studio processors, embodies the luxury mastering equipment as manufactured by one of the most prestigious and appreciated designers in the world, who has been known since the early '70s for his innovative approach in the field of tube-based systems for the high-end, hi-fi market.  Erin includes three different plugins: a 5-band stereo tube equalizer, a stereo tube compressor/limiter and a mid-range tube equalizer.


In Scarlet4 Stereo Equalizer plugin you can find my deep learning A.I. preset.

SCARLET4 is a VST/AAX/AU plug-in suite specifically tailored for mastering engineers. It brings you the sound of two celebrated, specialized mastering devices designed in the '70s by two legendary pioneers, considered the most ingenious minds in the field of music recording technology. These two specialists joined forces to create the first parametric equalizers to ever appear on the audio market. Given how rare these models are, there is no sum of money large enough to persuade their lucky owners to part with their beloved unit.

Acustica Audio SCARLET4
A.I. Collaboration with ACUSTICA AUDIO