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Tommy Bianchi was born in Florence on January 30th, 1977.



Musician, producer, sound engineer and mastering engineer.

Tommy starts studying music since 7 years old, and played saxophone since 24. He has been influenced by modern jazz, fusion and electric jazz.
He studied in deep modern and classical harmony, composition and piano. In 2001, inspired by the world of synthesizers, Tommy began his career as a music producer, creating projects and productions of various kind of music, from jazz to electronic music.


From 2001 to 2008 he was producer and musician of the band Cayorosso, producing two albums (“Tempo Stabile” and “Cayorosso”) for the label “Sugar Music” and the rock sat channel RockTV. In 2009, He was actively involved as a producer and musician performer in the electronic project “Metùo”, with the album “Toyshop”, published by Black Candy Records/Audioglobe. Then he was artistic director of the techno label Sunplay Records, collaborating with the producer David Campanini, and he published several releases on vinyl of tech/house music, with the name “Master T”.


After the dancefloor experience, he engineered the sound of many artists, as sound engineer in mixing and mastering. So, in few years, he released hundreds of collaborations working for italian artists as Irene Grandi, Elio E Le Storie Tese, Max Pezzali, Patty Pravo, Dirotta su Cuba, Finley, Funk Off, Loredana Errore, Matteo Becucci, Marco Masini, Alessandro Finaz, Stylophonic, Thomas Bocchimpani, Reset!, Diaframma, Paolo Vallesi, Marco Parente, Fabrizio Moro & Ultimo, Annalisa, Pupo, Post- CSI, Marlene Kuntz, Francesco Di Giacomo, Alexander Robotnick, Francesco Farfa, Alex Neri, Filippo Nardi,Giacomo Castellano, Gianni Maroccolo, Paolo Fresu, Vacca and more.


In 2012, after the experience “Metùo” and some featuring as a producer in Italian indie albums (the track “Waterloo” from the Ep “Good Night Good Lovers” by Velvet Score, the track “Bleedin” contained in the album “Make A Picture Of The Sun” by Carlot-ta and “You Are Music” by unePassante), he went back to the artistic and musical production with the italian indie pop band “Giochi Per Bambini”, publishing the album “Cerco soltanto di non lavorare piu’” (Pippola Music/Audioglobe).

Tommy currently works as mastering and mixing engineer in his studio, the White Sound Mastering Studio, in the countryside of Florence.





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